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Welcome to P.D. Pandya Mahila Commerce College, a premier institution in commerce education in Western India. P.D. Pandya Mahila Commerce College is the first college established by the Meghdoot Education Trust in 1992. Shri Prabodhkant Pandya gave a munificent donation to start this college. The college has made significant contributions in the last 19 years since its inception and has earned a name for its high academic and disciplinary standard. The college has been at the forefront in practicing innovative teaching methods. Along with excellence in academics, P.D. Pandya Mahila Commerce College lays strong emphasis on all round development. What distinguishes HLites is a humane and refined dimension the college gives their brilliant academic profiles through intellectual,cultural, sports and other enriching exposure.

P.D. Pandya College Campus,
Near Muktjivan Smruti Mandir,
Gujarat 382445
Phone: 079 2589 8686