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The college tries to impart quality education to its Commerce students in a manner which would broaden their sphere of knowledge, Sharpen their intellectual insight and instill in them a sense of personal discipline, commitment, enthusiasm and Professionalism to keep them in pace with the modern world.

MISSION : To impart quality education to all classes of society. To infuse a sense of discipline and accountability in students. To encourage students towards academic excellence. To help students build a multifaceted personality and discover their hidden talents. To make the students learn various professional skills and achieve technological excellence to keep them in pace with the modern world.

GOALS : Gandhiji giving his idea about education, once said, Imparting knowledge should aim at character building. Knowledge is the means and character building is the end. Gandhiji thus gave his view on education. Explosion of knowledge today keep the teachers really engaged continuously in imparting the requisite knowledge. The better this process, the better will be the character building of the students. At R. C. College of Commerce, the faculties are facilitated to impart knowledge and students are encouraged to imbibe, assimilate and grasp the knowledge without any prejudices, and also develop a vision to look into the future and for what is beyond the obvious. The college plans to carry out more and more curricular and co-curricular activities in the college to help students excel in academics as well as build a multifaceted, robust personality and discover their hidden talents. The college also aims to introduce number of new certificate courses for soft skills development to help students keep in pace with the modern world. The college intends to train students in increasing their employability.

The college wishes to conduct more Entrance Exams coaching classes for students which would help them in getting employment in service sectors and industry. The college has also sent proposal to the Government of Gujarat to provide complete infrastructural facilities and state of the art Library, Computer Lab and DELL Lab facilities to the college which would in turn ensure students progress and prepare them to face the global challenges. ABOUT THE INSTITUTE : R.C. College of Commerce is a government college situated in the heart of the city on Mirzapur Road, Near Delhi Darwaja. The college runs undergraduate programme in commerce faculty (B. COM) both in Gujarati Medium and English Medium. The institute zealously and efficiently caters to the needs of the students of the old city area who wish to pursue their career in commerce field. The college has succeeded in providing its students with a good academic ambience as well as in rendering them a platform to bring out their individual talents in cultural, sports and other areas of their interests. New CBCS (Choice Based Credit system) has been introduced in the college under which continuous evaluation of students is made by giving assignments, organizing seminars and conducting internal examinations regularly. BRIEF HISTORY OF THE INSTITUTE : R. C. College of Commerce was established by the Government of Gujarat on 1st June, 1999 to accommodate increasing number of commerce students in the city and to provide them with quality education.

The college is proud to have been started in the grand and colossal red brick colored heritage building near Delhi Chakla, donated to the Govt. by Baronet Family. As per the requisition, new teaching and non- teaching staff as well as the infrastructure were provided by the Government. The College began with four divisions of F.Y.B.Com. class gradually extending to three divisions of Gujarati Medium and one division of English Medium. Advanced Accountancy was offered as the main subject and Advanced Statistics as subsidiary subject.

The College at present has strength of 1059 students and a highly dedicated and committed staff. At present as per the University notification we have introduced CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM at under graduate level in our institute through which students are taught in the semester system. In CBCS (Choice Based Credit system) continuous evaluation of students is made by giving assignments, organizing seminars and conducting internal examinations regularly. Besides, CBCS pattern of education offers a larger number of courses with wider choices.

Mirzapur Road,
Delhi Chakla,
Gujarat 380001
Phone: 079 2562 4353