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Gaur Brahman Educational Institutions are running under the aegis of Gaur Brahman Vidya Pracharini Sabha (Regd.) Rohtak were initially headed by Late Sh. Pt. Bhagwat Dayal Sharma, the first chief Minister of Haryana. To perpetuate the memory and carry forward the mission, the devout established in 1919, the  Gaur Brahman Vidya Pracharini Sabha with the main objectives of imparting education to this area. The guiding principles of Sabha, all through the years, have been the assimilation of the fundamental values of Indian culture blended with new scientific thoughts and technology suited to changing modern times.

The movement took practical shape with the establishment of the Gaur Brahman Central High School, Rohtak in 1919. With that began the Gaur Brahman movement and its motto, the spirit of self sacrifice and dedication. Gradually the movement progressed with the establishment of Gaur Brahman Sanskrit College, Gaur Brahman Degree College, Gaur Brahman Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Gaur Brahman Physiotherapy College. Marching ahead towards this progressive movement, Gaur Brahman College of Education was established in 1975. Admission to Gaur Brahman Institutions is open to the students of all castes and creeds With 87 years of selfless service, these institutions have become symbols of hard-work and devotion leading to inevitable achievements in academic, Social and cultural spheres accredited with a selfless services for the development of society through education, Preaching and practicing noble values of truth, integrity and hard work.

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