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SAL School of Architecture focuses intensely on producing inventive innovation and is one of the nations best developing creative architecture schools, offering undergraduate course of study. The SAL School of Architecture emphasizes on edifying designers who are tenacious to envision and cut what’s to come. Situated in the expeditions growing artistic city Ahmadabad, SAL School of Architecture is distinguished by the vivacious ambience of studios, offering undergraduate with a sumptuous green and the remarkable rousing environment in which to study Architecture. The Schoolyard is arranged in a lavish green environment far from the commotion and the contamination of the city, along these it shows suitable environment for teaching and learning. Tree zone Street and elegant lawns dotted with exquisite flowering shrub ease the eye and create an ideal learning ambiance.

 The School provides pupils with an extraordinary experience as they follow an undergraduate level. The school learners and faculty members, the greater part of them, are polishing architects work together in a liquid, non-hierarchical way to re-determine presumptions, design, explore and test the limit of structural architecture.

Opp Science City,
Sola Bhadaj Road,
Gujarat 380060
Phone:079 6521 3534