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Absolute Dental Academy caters for all dental care needs, providing one to one patient care and everything from regular check-ups to specialist and cosmetic treatments. Our aim is not just to give you a great smile today, but to provide the preventive care you need for healthy teeth and gums throughout your life.

At ADA practice you will find a welcoming, friendly environment where patient care always comes first. Our goal is to be the best dental care provider in India and Overseas, with the best of specialists offering outstanding dental care and service in all spheres of dentistry, reassuring the best possible treatment to all Ailments.

We are investing in new facilities and upgrading our existing practices from time to time, so that as many people as possible in India and Overseas will be able to benefit from our commitment to providing patient focused, high quality dental care. As a people focused organisation, ADA is committed to not only ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality care, but that all our dental people are fully supported and benefit from our unique structure and vision.Absolute Dental Academy is premier institute of its kind in India which specializes in advanced training in clinical sciences to fresh dental graduates as well as general dental practitioners. The institute has four dental centres where a steady flow a patients serves to provide ample opportunities for dentists to hone their clinical skills. Patients are treated free of cost and are thus also benefitted.

New Delhi,
Phone:098737 83482