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A teacher who is not dogmatic is simply a teacher who is not teaching Gilbert K. Chesterton And there it is- the underlying mantra that defines our system of education at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. We leverage the greatest value to established facts, the emergent ideas and progressive thinking that is the hallmark of being patrons as Fashion Designing Institute. We inspire and educate our students to be the source of this change, to be the next big name. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the educational division of JD Educational Trust, with learning centres spread across India. The institute was founded on 12 October 1988 in Mumbai, India, and in a history of more than 25 years; the institute holds the reputation of delivering multi-disciplinary education in the field of Fashion and Interior design studies. The institute was ranked 10th in the field of Fashion Technology Education in India by India Today and Nielsen. JD Educational Trust is a charitable establishment with a strong legacy of design programs and a culture of critical analysis. The institute has constantly delivered a number of successful fashion entrepreneurs and design professionals employed by marquee-name labels and organizations around the globe. The school boasts of an acclaimed list of alumni Rocky , Shane & Falguni, Reza, Gaurav Chabra, Urvashi Kaur, Maheka Mirpuri, Nitin- Isha and Niket Mishra, just to name a few. The institute has closely worked with prestigious members of the industry like Fashion Design Council of India and is a regular contributor to the development of the Indian Fashion Industry, participating in exhibitions, fashion weeks and other social and charity events. Additionally, JD Educational Trust is a member of various prestigious bodies such as, Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indo French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Turkish Chamber of Commerce.

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Education Division  JD Educational Trust takes pride in our past achievements and eagerly looks forth to the future. Our programs in fashion, interiors and jewellery design are planned to draw the best out of the hopeful, imaginative designers and highlight their presence to the world.

The institute offers you a quality education with real time experience in various fields of fashion and design industry, thus arming you with a deeper understanding of the relationship between design, technology, production and business. Our Mission JD Educational Trust encourages its students, faculty members and staff to embrace a culture of lifelong creativity and innovative learning, develop critical and solution based thought process, acquire progressive career skills, and become responsive to the dynamics and the changing realities of the industry and the global community. Enhanced by the expertise of our multidisciplinary teaching and non-teaching employees, we equip our student community with effective tools to attain intellectual leadership and creative freedom in their academics and professional lives.

Our mission is to create academically and culturally diverse student population, productive regional and global citizens in the world of fashion and design, who are well aware of their innate individual talents, creativity and power of imagination.

Our Vision Consistent with the mission, our vision is to create world class institutes that achieve outstanding student learning outcomes by invigorating creative excellence in the field of fashion and design education. We differentiate our institutes by offering high-quality academic programs through close student-mentor engagement, research and creative programs, project based learning, state of the art learning and delivery facilities, and internationalisation of the curriculum. Our institutes are a centre of formal and informal dialogue between various interrelated creative disciplines, industries, diverse cultures, and even individuals, where they are empowered to collaboratively create a unique and highly creative experience for our students, employees and even the local, regional and international community. As a responsible citizen of this world, the school aims to contribute to the society at large by integrating sensitivity towards the environment through strategic, innovative and meaningful design thinking.

The programs are tailored for both international and domestic students which involve effortless integration of global perspectives and best practices into fashion and design education and assessment methodologies. In a fast changing knowledge economy, our institutes strive to develop and expand domestic and international interaction within and outside the school through various: Collaborative projects Events and workshops Study abroad Student and faculty exchange programs Skill based industry specific assignments that encourages developing skills to engage in a global setting, including research and development.

We aim to: Recognize our programs through the local, national and international authority / board/ University Establish education study centers at pan-India / global level Develop the curriculum in consultation with the Industry Establish a network with the industry for placement opportunities JD Educational Trusts equal opportunities policy is designed to encourage equal opportunity for all who have and will have any form of contact with the institute, irrespective of race, nationality, origin, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, age, class or disability. Our overall goal is to create a fair and equal society within a safe environment with a provision of quality training and education that covers a range of programs and courses.

The student base is diverse, with students form a variety of backgrounds, states, religions, age and educational experience. JD Educational Trust encourages all members of staff to bring their own perspective and expectations to the Institute. This is to ensure that JD Educational Trust employs people from various backgrounds adding to diversity to the academic environment and culture.

Saday Bhawan,
Marwari Awas Complex,
Near Dankbunglow Chowk,
Fraser Road Area,
Bihar 800001
Phone:0612 223 1414