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Maxx Academy  was established in Jan2009  under the professional expertise of Garment  Technologists  Mr. Rajesh (GMT, NIIFT) and Ms. Geeta Ranga(GMT, NIFT) who  has a vast experience in the field of fashion in India.

A Post graduate from prestigious fashion school of India NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY  Ms. Geeta Ranga  has vast  experience  of over 12 years in Garment Industry and Education.

Maxx Academy offers Diploma and Degree programs B.Sc/ M.Sc/ MBA in fashion, Interior/ Retail. All Degrees are from UGC recognized DEC approved state govt university .


To provide quality education & training to shape our students with innovative and creative thinking with advanced skills and knowledge in the area of Fashion Designing and Management. The main objectives of the institute is to promote technical education in the clothing and textile industries and to encourage students to persue their general and technical studies to the higher standards attainable.


    To realize the vision and towards fulfillment of the Mission, Maxx Academy sets forth the following objectives:
    To offer programmes and training relevant to the needs of the industry, which is constantly undergoing dynamic changes in the global context.
    To invite superior talents from all quarters, for building up a pool of faculty to impart quality education.
    To operate a captive industrial unit integral to the Institute, to enable the students to imbibe the fundamentals of shopfloor management and execution of orders.
    To motivate and encourage the global fashion community to look up to India as the next fashion destination.
    To promote the perfection of methods and evolving new and improved practices related to designing and production of clothing.
    To promote professional & vocational education in fashion & textile related activities and to unable students to pursue their general and technical studies to the highest standard attainable.

J 29,
Sector 10 DLF,
Sector 9-10 Dividing Road,
Haryana 121006
Phone:0129 417 9450