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IIMA History

IIMA has evolved from being India`s premier management institute to a notable international school of management in just four decades.

It all started with Dr Vikram Sarabhai and a few spirited industrialists realising that agriculture, education, health, transportation, population control, energy and public administration were vital elements in a growing society, and that it was necessary to efficiently manage these industries.

The result was the creation of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in 1961 as an autonomous body with the Active collaboration of the Government of India, Government of Gujarat and the industrial sectors.

It was evident that to have a vision was not enough. Effective governance and quality education were seen as critical aspects.

From the very start the founders introduced the concept of faculty governance: all members of the faculty play an important role in administering the diverse academic and non-academic activities of the Institute. The empowerment of the faculty has been the propelling force behind the high quality of learning experience at IIMA.

The Institute had initial collaboration with Harvard Business School. This collaboration greatly influenced the Institute`s approach to education. Gradually, it emerged as a confluence of the best of Eastern and Western values.


To transform India and other countries through generating and propagating new ideas of global significance based on research and creation of risk-taking leader-managers who change managerial and administrative practices to enhance performance of organizations.


Educating Leaders of Enterprises


To create knowledge through applied and conceptual research, relevant to management and its underlying disciplines, and to disseminate such knowledge through publications.
To establish educational facilities to prepare young men and women for careers in management and related fields in all forms of organizations.
To develop teachers and researchers in management with specialization in different fields relating to management.
To improve the decision making skills and administrative competence of practicing managers through innovative and cutting edge management education programmes and providing opportunities for continuing education.
To provide advisory services so as to enhance the decision making skills and processes in organizations and the effectiveness of public policies.
To improve the quality of management education and research in other management schools by building their capabilities through meaningful collaborations.
To globalize the institute`s operations and linkages in the context of any or all of the above objectives so as to emerge as the pre-eminent management school in India that is globally respected.


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