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Nirmala College Ranchi, a Christian Minority Institution was founded in August 1969 by the Society of Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary. The Society exercises its responsibility over Nirmala College through a Governing Body. The college is established with the primary purpose of providing catholic young women of this area the opportunity of higher learning offered in a spirit and atmosphere of Christian simplicity, sincerity, concern and faith. The College also welcomes students of all other communities irrespective of caste and their belief is fully respected. Nirmala College strives to attain the following objectives.
1. To offer students a milleu conducive to their integral development in which they will find respect for desirable personal and social values of life.
2. To train students to become capable and resposible citizens.
3. To foster and promote the ideas of unity in diversity, harmony, peace and justiceamong students who hail from all sections of Indian Society.
4. To strive for academic excellence and ensure the fullest development of the individual personality.

Near St. Xavier School,
Doranda Colony Gate,
 Jharkhand 834502
Phone:0651 241 2963