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Biswanath College was established in 1960 in the then undivided Darrang District. In those days, there was not a single college between Tezpur Subdivision of Darrang District and North Lakhimpur. Biswanath College was the fruit of many enthusiastic people who had golden visions of filling this void and paving paths for the upcoming generations for their higher educations. A grand meeting was organized at Biswanath Chariali by these people and it was at this meeting that the decision was made to establish a college for all the aspiring students between Pub Bharali River and Hawajan. And Finally Biswanath College was established on 7th September, 1960 with I.A First year, Night Shift as its first batch of Students.

7th September, 1960: This is the Birthday of Biswanath College.First Classes of the college were held at Anandiram Saikia Hall of Chariali H.S and M.P School. Later, on 1st August, 1961, a pompous inauguration Ceremony was held at the own premises of the college that saw Religious Rites, Kirtans and women chanting Urulis while the College Gate was inaugurated. The Gate has since then opened up the futures of many bright students who have brought fame to the land and its people. In the evening of 7th September, 1960, an inaugural meet had been organized presided by then Social Activist, late Nabin Chandra Bhattachraya, and the seat of Chieft Chief Guest was decorated by Late Sayeed Abdul Mallick who was an eminent Professor at Jagganath Baruah College, Jorhat.

Bishwanath Charali,
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