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Courses Offered


  • First Semester

    Core Courses
    Advanced Transport Phenomena
    Mathematical and Statistical methods in Chemical Engineering
    Advanced Reaction Engineering
    Advanced Thermodynamics
    Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering
    Communication Skill
    Lecture Series

    Second Semester

    Core Courses
    Experimental Methods
    Lecture Series
    Elective Group 2E
    Bioprocess Principles
    Granular Mechanics
    Elective Group 2B
    Process Plant Simulation
    Catalysis and Surface Chemistry
    Introduction to Computational Biology
    Elective Group 2A
    Process Modeling and Identification
    Polymer Dynamics
    Fluidization Engineering
    Advanced Process Synthesis
    Elective Group 2D
    Advanced Process Control
    Colloid and Interfacial Engg.
    Elective Group 2F
    Reaction Engineering in Dispersed Phase Systems
    Process Data Analysis & Design of Experiments

    Third Semester
    Elective Group 3A
    Artificial Intelligence in Process Engineering
    Polymer Processing
    Elective Group 3D
    Pollution Control Systems
    Modeling and Simulation
    Elective Group 3E
    Modeling and Analysis of Bioprocesses
    Polymer Thermodynamics
    Digital Control
    Elective Group 3B
    Advanced Process Optimization
    Aerosol Technology