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Courses Offered


    First year : First Semester
    Organic Chemistry -III 
    Chemical Bond and Molecular Geometry 
    Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics 
    Chemistry of Main Group Elements 
    Physical Chemistry Lab - II 
    Separation Techniques Lab 
    Computers in Chemistry 

    First year : Second Semester

     Thermal and Photochemical reactions 
    Physical Organic Chemistry 
     Rate Processes 
     Modern Methods of Analysis 
    Chemistry of Transition Elements 
    Molecular Spectroscopy 
    Inorganic Chemistry Lab - III 
    Organic Chemistry Lab - III 
    Physical Chemistry Lab-III 

    Second year : First Semester

    Methods in Organic Synthesis 
    Interpretative Molecular Spectroscopy
    Organometallic Chemistry 
    Environmental science and engineering/
    Environmental studies
    (Half-semester courses)

    Second year : Second Semester
    CH 596 Project 

    Electives I to III from the following :
    Physical Chemistry
    CH 559 Solid State Chemistry and its Applications
    CH 550 Electrochemistry
    CH 552 Interfacial Phenomena
    CH 560 Quantum Chemistry
    CH 576 Statistical Mechanics
    CH 584 Biophysical Chemistry
    CH 586 Structure and Properties of Materials
    CH 504 Computational Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry
    CH-504 Computational Chemistry
    CH-556 Polymer Sciences
    CH-528 Natural Products
    CH-540 Drugs and Biologically active compounds
    CH 510 Heterocyclic chemistry
    CH 546 Introduction to Biomolecules
    Inorganic Chemistry
    CH-502 Synthesis and Characterization of Inorganic Compounds.
    CH-522 Chemistry of Coordination Compounds
    CH-524 Bioinorganic Chemistry
    CH-574 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry-I
    CH-578 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry-II
    CH-582 Inorganic Photochemistry

    CH 8XX courses qualify as Department Electives. Students may study them, subject to
    fulfillment of prerequisites, in any.
    Courses from other departments can NOT be studied in lieu of department electives.