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Courses Offered


  • The standard M. Tech. is a two year programme, where the first two semesters (July to May) are spent doing courses. A one-year project commences in May (end of the 2nd semester) and lasts for almost fourteen months (till about July next year). The project typically has a strong research component.
    A three year M. Tech. programme is also offered, for project and technical staff ("RA/PS" category, see M. Tech. brochure for details).
    (Actual program may vary, please consult Faculty Advisor.)
    Follow this link for a semester-wise listing of courses offered at the CSE department. Besides these courses, students can also take some courses at other departments like Electrical Engineering department (with required approvals).
    M.Tech-Students FAQs.

    Sem I: 4 courses + S/w Lab + Seminar = 24 + 4+ 4 = 32 credits 
    Sem II: 4-5 courses + mtp I = 24-30 + 22 = 46-52 credits 
    Sem III: 2-3 courses + mtp II = 12-18 + 28 = 40-46 credits 
    Sem IV: mtp III = 40 credits 

    Total: 32+46+46+40 = 164 +4 (P/NP) credits for HSS 699 communication skills in sem 1 
    32+52+40+40 = 164 +4 (P/NP) credits for HSS 699 communication skills in sem 1 

    * inclusive of institute elective (which is done either in sem 2 or in sem 3) 
    * R&D project is available as one course to be done either in sem 2 or sem 3. It`s not a core course.