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Courses Offered

    M.Sc. (Applied Geophysics)


    First Semester
    Course Name
    GP 401 Global Geophysics
    GP 403 Earthquake and Engineering Seismology
    GP 413 Mineralogy & Petrology
    PH 407 Mathematical Physics - I
    CS 101 Computer Programing and Utilization
    GP 407 Seismology Lab
    GP 415 Mineralogy & Petrology lab


    Second Semester
    Course Name
    GP 402 Gravity and Magnetic Methods
    GP 414 Electrical Methods
    GP 416 Structural Geology & Stratigraphy
    MA 214 Introduction to numerical methods
    GP 418 Exploration Seismology I
    GP 408 Gravity & Magnetic lab
    GP 420 Structural Geology & Stratigraphy Lab
    GP 422 Geological Field Work #



    First Semester
    Course Name
    GP 503 Geophysical Signal Processing
    GP 517 Exploration Seismology II
    GP 505 Electromagnetic Methods
    GS 507 Engineering and Groundwater Geology
    Elective - 1
    GS 519 Engineering and Groundwater Geology Lab
    GS 521 Electromagnetic Lab
    GS 523 Industrial Training

    Elective I (Any one of the following)
    GP 511 Nuclear Geophysics
    GP 513 Natural Hazards and Environmental Geophysics
    GS 509 Statistical methods in Geology

    Second Semester
    Course Name
    GP 502 Well Logging
    GP 506 Geophysical Inverse Theory
    Elective II
    GP 518 Process Geomorphology, Remote Sensing and GIS
    ES200+ HS 200 Environmental studies
    GP 520 Project Work ##

    Elective II (Any one of the following)
    GS 554 Tectonics and Crustal Evolution
    GS 556 Petroleum and Coal Geology
    GP 512 Rock Physics
    GP 516 Petroleum Geology and Petrophysics