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Courses Offered

    M.Tech Control and Computing

  • Semester 1
    Course Name
    EE613 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
    EE615 Control and Computation Laboratory
    EE635 Applied Linear Algebra
    EE640 Multivariable Control Systems
    EE694 Seminar
    HS699 Communication Skills
    Elective 1

    Elective 1
    Course Name
    EE601 Statistical Signal Analysis (Prereq for EE608)
    EE603 Digital Signal Processing & its Applications
    EE605 Error Correcting Codes
    EE649 Finite Fields and its Applications
    EE659 A First Course in Optimization
    EE677 Foundation of VLSI CAD
    EE725 Computational Electromagnetics

    Semester 2
    Course Name
    EE622 Optimal Control Systems
    EE636 Matrix Computations
    EE714 Behavioural Theory of Systems
    EExxx Project Stage 1
    Elective 2

    Elective 2
    Course Name
    EE608 Adaptive Signal Processing
    EE638 Estimation and Identification
    EE621 Markov Chains & Queuing System
    EE678 Wavelets
    EE720 An Introduction to Number Theory & Cryptography

    Semester 3
    Course Name
    Elective 3
    Institute Elective OR Elective 4

    Semester 4
    Course Name
    Project Stage 2
    Elective 5 OR Institute Elective

    Elective 3,4,5 
    One to two elective courses of six units each from the list of courses in Elective 1 & 2
    The Institute Elective (6 credits) can be taken either in the 3rd or 4th Semester. 
    The student should also be allowed to register for a total of upto 2 extra couses of six credits each (from within or outside the department) as electives in the 3rd and 4th Semester