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Courses Offered


  • Semester 1
    Course Name
    EE 601 Statistical Signal Analysis
    EE 603 Digital Signal Processing & Applications
    EE 616 Electronic System Design
    EE 617 Sensors in Instrumentation
    EE 625 Bio Sensors & BioMS
    EE 630 Digital Measurement Techniques
    EE 679 Speech Processing
    EE 691 R&D Project
    EE 694 M.Tech Seminar
    HS 699 Communication Skills
    Elective I
    Elective II

    Semester 2
    Course Name
    EE 608 Adaptive Signal Processing
    EE 618 CMOS Analog VLSI Design
    EE 629 Biomedical Instrumentation
    EE 678 Wavelets
    EE 692 R&D Project
    EExxx Project Stage I
    EE 712 Embedded Systems Design
    EE 718 Aids for the motor and sensory disabled
    Elective II
    Elective III
    Elective IV
    Institute Elective

    Semester 3
    Course Name
    Institute Elective
    Elective III
    Elective IV
    Elective V

    Semester 4
    Course Name

    EExxx Project Stage II