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Courses Offered


  • Semester I
     EN 601 Non-conventional Energy Sources
     EN 602 Foundation for Energy Engineering
     EN 606 Energy Resources, Economics & Environment
     EN 618 Energy Systems Modelling & Analysis
     HS 699 Communication Skills 
     EN 609 Energy Systems Laboratory
    Elective I    
    Elective I1
     EN 613 Nuclear Reactor Theory
     CL 601 Advanced Transport Phenomena
     CL 605 Advanced Reaction Engineering
     CL 607 Advanced Thermodynamics
     ME 683 Cryogenic Engineering I
     ME 663 Advanced Heat Transfer
     ME 661 Advanced Thermodynamics & Combustion
     ME 681 Thermal Environmental Engineering
     EE 653 Power Electronics I
     EE 655 Computer Aided Power Systems Analysis
     EE 657 Electric drives
     ME 671 SI Engine
     Elective I  

    Semester II
    EN 607 Energy Management
    EN 642 Power Generation & Systems Planning
    EN 606 Energy Resources, Economics & Environment
    EN 612 Non-conventional Energy Systems Lab
    EN 696 MTech Project - Stage I  
    Electives II, III, and IV    
    Elective II, III, and IV1
     EN 646 Energy and climate
     EN 604 Fuel Cell
     EN 616 Direct Energy Conversion
     EN 630 Utilization of Solar Thermal Energy
     EN 632 Waste to Energy
     EN 615 Wind Energy Conversion Systems
     EN 617 Thermodynamic Analysis of Industrial Systems
     EN 634 Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics & Safety
    CL 603 Optimization
    CL 604 CL 604
    CL 684 Advanced Process Synthesis
    CL 682 Computer Aided Design & Engineering
    CL 625 Process Modelling & Identification
    ME 662 Convective Heat and Mass Transfer
    ME 704 Computational Methods in Thermal & Fluids Engg.
    ME 684 Air Conditioning Systems Design
    ME 674 CI Engine
    EE 654 Power Electronics II
    EE 656 Electrical Machine Analysis & Control
    EE 658 Power Systems Dynamics & Control
    EE 660 Application of Power Electronics to Power Systems
    EE 686 H V D C Transmission

    Semester III
    EN 697 MTech Project - Stage II 
    Electives V and VI 
    Elective V and VI1
     EN 628 Materials and devices for energy applications
     EN 624 Conservation of Energy in Building
     EN 619 Solar Energy for Industrial Process Heat
     EN 604 Fuel Cells
     EN 645 Process Integration
     EN 615 Wind Energy Conversion Systems
    CL 647 Modelling & Simulation
    CL 609 Pollution Control Systems
    CL 611 Electrochemical Reaction Engineering
    EE 659 Optimization
    EE 675 Microprocessor Applications in Power Electronics

    Semester IV
     EN 628 Materials and devices for energy applications

    Notes: * Communication Skills (HS 699) is a P/NP course. 1 Out of these six electives, one has to be institute elective and at least two have to be EN (Department of Energy Science and Engineering) electives.

    Courses included in the minor

    In Semester I
    EN 613 Nuclear Reactor Theory
    In Semester II
    EN 634 Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics & Safety

    One of the Following Courses Either in Semester III or in Semester IV
    RE 601 Reliability Engineering Basic Principles
    ME704 Computational Methods in Thermal and Fluids Engg.