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Courses Offered


  • First Semester  
    EN 606 Energy Resources, Economics and Environment
    EN 621 Mathematical Foundation for Energy Science
    EN 623 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    EN 629 Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion
    EN 631 Energy Laboratory I
    EN 652 Computer Programming

    Second Semester  

    EN 625 Introduction to Transport Phenomena
    EN 638 Materials Science for Energy Applications Chemistry for Energy Science
    EN 410 Energy Management
    ES200/HS200 Environmental Studies
    EN 650 Energy Laboratory II
    EN 654 Seminar
    Third Semester  

    EP 405 Methods in Analytical Techniques
    EN 618 Energy Systems Modelling and Analysis
    EN 301 Introduction to renewable energy technologies
    EN 655 Energy Laboratory III
    HS 699 Communication Skills
    EN 691 M.Sc.- Ph.D. Project 1

    Fourth Semester  
    EN 692 M.Sc.- Ph.D. Project 2
    EN 612 Non-conventional Energy Systems Lab.

    Fifth Semester   
    EN 693 M.Sc.- Ph.D. Project - 3

    1. Out of total seven electives, at least four should be EN electives (i.e., electives offered by the Department of Energy Science and Engineering).
    2. HS 699 is compulsory for the PhD students. As this is an integrated course, we recommend that the communication skill be taken in the second year itself. 
    List of Electives:
    EN 206  Power Electronics and Machines 
    EN 303  Heat and mass transfer 
    EN 304  Electrical Energy Systems 
    EN 305  Fluid Mechanics 
    EN 306  Combustion Engineering 
    EN 307  Equipment Design and Control 
    EN 604  Fuel Cells 
    EN 613  Nuclear Reactor Theory 
    EN 615  Wind Energy Conversion Systems  
    EN 616  Direct Energy Conversion  
    EN 619  Solar Energy for Industrial Process Heat 
    EN 624  Conservation of Energy in Buildings  
    EN 628  Materials and Devices for Energy Conversion 
    EN 630  Utilisation of Solar Thermal Energy  
    EN 632  Waste to Energy  
    EN 634  Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics & Safety  
    EN 642  Power Generation and Systems Planning 
    EN 645  Process Integration 
    EN 646  Energy and climate 
    CL 461  Colloid & Interfacial Engineering  
    CL 463  Introduction to Food Engineering  
    CL 465  Stochastic Processes
    CL 484  Electrolytic Cells
    CL 605  Advance Reaction Engineering
    CL 609  Pollution Control Systems
    CL 611  Electrochemical Reaction Engineering  
    CL 618  Catalysis and Surface Chemistry  
    CL 625  Process Modelling and Identification
    CL 644  Modeling and Analysis of Bioprocesses
    CL 710  Aerosol Technology
    CH 425  Chemical Bond and Molecular Geometry
    CH 426  Rate Processes
    CH 427  Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics
    CH 440  Introduction to Biomolecules
    CH 442  Molecular Spectroscopy
    CH 544  Organic Reagents and Reactions  
    CH 550  Electrochemistry  
    CH 559  Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications  
    CH 590  Thermal and Photochemical Reactions  
    CH 842  Elements of Advanced Molecular Quantum Mechanics
    MM 484  Solid Electrolytes  
    ES 605  Environmental Impact Assessment  
    ES 611  Environmental Chemistry  
    PH 403  Quantum Mechanics I
    PH 405  Electronics
    PH 422  Quantum Mechanics II
    PH 424  Electromagnetic Theory I
    PH 440  Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics
    PH 502  Quantum Mechanics III
    PH 504  Quantum Electronics
    PH 507  Statistical Physics
    PH 521  Introduction to Photonics  
    PH 522  Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics  
    PH 528  Modern Optics  
    PH 542  Non-linear Dynamics 
    PH 534  Quantum Information and Computing