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Courses Offered

    M Tech Thermal & Fluids Engineering

  • First Semester                                Second Semester
    Fluid Dynamics                               Seminar    
    Advanced Thermodynamics            Thermal & Fluids Engg Lab.    
    Advanced Heat Transfer                  Elective I   

    Computational Methods in
    Thermal & fluids Engg                     Elective II   

    Mathematical Methods in
    Engineering                                      Elective III

    Communication Skills                       Elective IV
                                                            Elective V or, Institute Elective
    Third Semester                  Fourth Semester
    Elective VI                        
    M Tech Project (I)                M Tech Project (II)           

    Elective I, II, III, IV and V

    ME 415 Computational Fluids Dynamics & Heat Transfer
    ME 655 Theory and Design of Fluid Machinery
    ME 662 Convective Heat and Mass Transfer
    ME 680/480 Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer    
    ME 683/420 Cryogenic Engineering -I
    ME 684 Air Conditioning System Design
    ME685/422  Analytic Combustion
    ME 687/426 Fire Dynamics
    ME 724 Essentials of Turbulence    
    ME 729 Nuclear Reactor Analysis    
    ME 733 Nuclear Safety & Reliability
    ME 738 Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics
    ME 743/473 Optical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
    ME 758 Microfluidics    
    ME 760/445 Fuels and Combustion
    ME 757 Galerkin Methods for Fluid Dynamics
    Elective VI

    ME 623/423 Cryogenic Engineering II
    ME 681 Thermal Environmental Engineering
    ME 739/459 Combustion & Emissions in IC Engines    
    ME 665 Conduction and Radiation    
    ME 678 Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics    
    ME 666 Design of Heat Exchange Equipment     
    ME 725 Introduction to Transport Phenomena
    ME 695 Introduction to Nuclear Engg.
    ME 741 Basics of Turbulence and Combustion Modeling
    ME 747: Interfacial Transport Phenomena