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Courses Offered

    M.Tech Design Engineering

  • First Semester                                                           Second Semester
    ME 601    Stress Analysis                                          Elective III or, R&D Project    

    ME 603   Kinematics &  Dynamics of Machinery        Elective IV or, Institute Elective    

    ME 607  Machine Design                                            Elective V    

    ME 721   Design Engg Laboratory                               Elective VI

    HS 699 Communication skills                                       P/NP    Elective VII

    Elective I                                                                      MES 602   Seminar    

    Elective II                                
    Third Semester    Second Semester
    I Stage Project ()    II Stage Project            
    List of Electives I, II, (Odd Semester)
    ME 477    Introduction to Optimization                    
    ME 613    Finite Element and Boundary Element Methods        
    ME 615    Machinery Vibration and Diagnostics            
    ME 667    Industrial Noise Control                    
    ME 647     Automatic Control Engineering                
    ME 710     Vibrations                            

    List of Electives III, IV, V, VI, VII (Even Semester)

    ME 602    Fatigue, Fracture and Failure Analysis            
    ME 604    Robotics                            
    ME 606    Computer Aided Design of Machines            
    ME 610    Applied Tribology                        
    ME 616    Fracture Mechanics                        
    ME 618    Pressure Vessel Design                    
    ME 621    Mathematical methods for mechanics and dynamics        
    ME 645    MEMS: Design Fabrication and Characterization        
    ME 670    Nonlinear system analysis and control            
    ME 664    Advanced finite element and boundary element methods    
    ME 675    Theory of Plasticity                        
    ME 744    Applied Random Vibrations                    
    ME 748    Computer Aided simulations of machines            
    ME 753     Mechanics of Polymers                    
    ME 754    Textile machinery design and automation            
    ME 734     Vibro-acoustics                        
    ME 755    Advanced mechanics of solids                
    ME759    Nonlinear Finite Element Methods                

    (i)    R&D project may or may not be related to the M Tech project, and can be in another       department.
    (ii)    One (and only one) Institute elective has to be taken in the entire program.  It has to be    selected from the list provided by the Institute.  It can be taken in either semester I or in semester II.
    (iii)    With recommendation of project guide, and the approval of DPGC, two out of the electives in the second semester can be taken from outside the group of Design Engg. Electives.  These may be from any Department.