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Courses Offered

    M Tech Steel Technology

  • First Semester (July-December) 
    Course Name 
     Thermodynamics of Materials
     Transport Phenomena 
     Instrumentation & Process Control Theory
     Advanced Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy
     Elective I 
     Processing and Characterization of Steel (Lab.) 
     Communication Skills

     Second Semester (January-June) 
    Advanced Concepts in Iron Making
     Advanced Concepts in Steel Making
     Thermomechanical Processing and Forming of Steel 
     Elective II
     Elective III
     Elective IV (Inst. Elective)
     Computational Laboratory 
     Project Stage-I 

     Third Semester 
     Project Stage-II 

     Fourth Semester
     Project Stage-III

    List of Departmental Elective Courses (Specialization : Steel Technology)

     (a) Autumn Semester (July - December)
     Course Name 
     Numerical Methods in Materials Processing 
    Characterization of Materials
     Modeling and Analysis 
     Powders and Sintered Products 
     Welding Science and Technology
     Plastic Deformation and Microstructure Evolution 
    Corrosion Processes & Control 
     Topics in Phase Transformation 

     (b) Spring Semester (January June) 
     Mineral Process Engineering
     Surface Engineering 
     Simulation and Optimization 
    Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis
     Computational Methods for Metal Forming Analysis
     Solidification Processing 
     Grain Boundaries and Interfaces
     X-ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy
     High Temperature Materials 

     (c) Outside Department Courses 
    Course Name 
     Introduction to Corrosion Sci. & Engg. 
     Environmental Chemistry 
     Principles of Environmental Engineering 
     Finite Element and Boundary Element Methods
     Finite Element Methods 
     Advance Reaction Engineering
     Process Data Analysis and Design of Experiments