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  • Post Graduate Programme in Sustainable Management (PGPSM) is a two-year full time, residential programme being conducted by IIM Lucknow at its Noida campus. It is designed to help managers develop an ethos of environment and social responsibility of businesses and equip them with holistic thinking and skills to handle varied sustainability challenges in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. The curriculum is designed to develop and hone management and leadership skills to formulate and solve problems at the appropriate scale, and help students recognize the inter-connectedness of economic performance of business with social and environmental systems. Students would also be able to produce policy-relevant results.

    Specifically, the programme focuses on Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability of businesses, Change-management preparation, Critical perspectives on policy and institutions, Cross-sector collaboration and policy analysis, Systemic linkages among environmental, social, and economic issues.
    Objectives of the Programme:

        Postgraduate Programme in Sustainable Management (PGPSM) has been designed to enable the students to:

        Understand societal development from multiple perspectives
        Acquire knowledge and skills in functional areas of business management
        Actively participate in the growing world-wide debate on the purposes and responsibilities of business
        Become informed, self-aware and socially and environmentally responsible individuals, contributing to social change
        Challenge the status quo and suggest new and innovative opportunities for businesses to grow without compromising social and environmental responsibilities

    Why Sustainable Management

    Businesses today are increasingly being driven by sustainability concerns. Results of surveys conducted by many leading consulting and media houses such as Forbes and Fortune indicate that no business can survive in future without incorporating sustainability principles and practices in its operations. However, this is easier said than done. Here in lies the role of Sustainable Management.

    While in the past, ‘sustainability’ as a term was often associated and limited to environmental and social concerns, a hard realization has set-in in the recent years that businesses cannot separate themselves from society and environment. An unstable social and environmental ecology will inadvertently hurt the profit bottom line of business by making the conduct of business expensive. Hence, the only way to deal with the threat of negative environmental and sociological impact of business is to convert them into opportunities of improvements and excellence.

    The PGPSM enables future managers to understand the ever evolving and interactive nature of these sustainability challenges and come up with integrated, holistic solutions.