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  • Background

    The operating environment for business is characterized with unprecedented discontinuity as a result of complexities, hyper-turbulence and ambiguities triggered first by globalization and the revolutions in information and communication technologies and heightened now by the economic and financial uncertainties. Intertwined with political, macro-economic and social dynamics in their economies, the corporations and their managers are under humungous pressure to keep pace with rapid technological advances, global competition and new, and at times shifting, government policy initiatives. Numerous studies have shown that in order to succeed in the next orbit, firms must be perpetually prepared, flexible and innovative and have abilities to continually build capability, manage partner eco- system and manage change. The demographic landscape and “millenials” expectations have also required organizations to develop novel ways to organize and reward work.

    In this transition to the next curve, HR has to become strategic and be inextricably weaved into business. More importantly it is to be realized that HR cannot be for the sake of HR. HR today has to be for the sake of future.

    The PGDHRM at IIM Ranchi is premised on the understanding of this paradigmatic shift. It is posited on a pedagogy and course curriculum that seeks to provide to its participants breadth and depth of business knowledge, mastery of HR management concepts and awareness, appreciation and understanding of the application of HR learning and practices in a business context.


    The objective of the PGDHRM at IIM Ranchi is to create HR Professionals who have the competencies to

        understand the business of the organization and its drivers;
        understand the connect between business and HR deliverables;
        understand the role of self in building acceptance, credibility and respect in the organization;
        understand employees and their mindset so as to weave a relationship between their aspirations and organizational demand;
        lead or contribute in the formulation and implementation of best in class Human resources practices in their organization; and
        take on a strategic role in the development and accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives

    Overall IIM Ranchi seeks to create real, credible and business oriented HR professionals with well honed competencies to manage and lead both people and business.